Via the peace dove you have arrived on the path which you have chosen deliberately or unconsciously which brings you to:

- Creating a “New World” -
- On our “New Earth” -

With you I want to invite you jointly create a new world of beauty, peace, joy, luck, passion, creativity, security, equality, abundance, hope, love and harmony starting in your own heart by that to let speak what touches your heart and that to do what is for the highest good for yourself and the highest good for others. Do you also find that it’s Now enough with all daily lies, fraud, deceptions, hurting, illusions, crimes, wars, assassinations, abuses, hardening of the society, robberies, stealing, swindle, extortion, intolerance, lack of tolerance, lack of love, false love, moral decline, selfishness, child abuse, animal suffering, environment clogging, pain suffering, starving and squeezed dry by the government and the tax system and banks and insurers who only profit for their own interests, high energy prices and still much more to call on. But we cannot and may not allow and tolerate this no longer because it is Now really enough! It becomes now the time that our voices will be heard and start make a begin to the change process of no longer "follow the Leader" but "follow yourself"!!! and where no more place is for aforesaid negativities.
So the change process therefore begins at yourself within your own heart reflecting to another heart by loving yourself and for your fellow people making a choice which supports your heart and the mind by remaining faithful to yourself, fear to overcome and stop feeling yourself unworthy because "You" are a full sovereign being and do not need no one else to feel complete or completed by another half because "You" are already complete only you (still) do not realise it yet. It is time to stand in your own strength and reclaim your largest strength in yourself instead of giving it away. Learn to say "No" instead of always "Yes" out off courtesy or fear when you not want to hurt the person or want to keep the person as a friend because you are frightened for what the person of you thinks that you belong to be. Also another one must accept you as you are and with the choices which you make in this life. Start with the small things in daily life such as no (more) longer tell lies and even if possible no more lies for your own benefit or even excuses, but always try to tell the truth how hard and annoying these can be. All this has to do with transparency and remaining faithful to yourself. Give people who want to make abuse no chance and give them no space to mislead you or others but try to see them through.
Reflect your clear and honest intentions to your surroundings by taking responsibility and be the positive example for and to another one by (trying) to love unconditional and unselfish your nearest equal yourself. Be clearly (in thinking), transparent (honest and reliable and right to the point) and purely (in actions). Be emotionally neutral and always conscious which energy is of yourself and which not. Do not undermine another one by taking over his problems. Learn instead of it others the law of autonomy and free will. Do not use your capacities to master others, to manipulate or program but use your capacities to try to see the truth for everyone and not cause damage. When you address it to others use the mentioned below.
Philosophy of speaking
Be life, breathing example of highest truth which resides inside you..
Speak humbly concerning yourself, so that your highest truth does not become experienced by another one as bluff.
Speak softly, so that nobody thinks that you want only the attention.br> Speak pleasantly, so that all can know of love.
Speak openly, so that nobody thinks that you have pronounced something to hide.
Be pronounced, so that nobody can be mistaken.
Speak persuading, credible and full self-confidence.
Speak frequently, so that your words can spread really.
Speak respectfully, so that nobody feels himself damaged in its honour.
Make a gift of your life. Always remember that you are that gift.
If you follow the peace dove trough the next process you will be able will to make the difference as a result of which others will follow because what you reflect to the outside world, radiating love and compassion. You become a light beacon where the needles will ask you accompany to help in this great change process. I now want to invite you to pass through the process and make it your own as a result of which we can make together a beginning to create a better world. Do you address to this?
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