What's truth?
The soul is the source of all truth. All truth comes from inside, from the soul and is always present so that we can change each desired moment only if we want too. The rest of your life you must for this reason search the depths of your soul to discover what your already know. Use your capacities to try to see the truth for everyone and not to cause damage with it. Know that the truth always present within. To find the truth you must make contact/feeling with yourself and to discover the depths of the soul. Always every low exploring to illuminate darkness in every angle of our soul. It is very important to be humble on your search to the spiritual truth and constantly ask yourself consciously inside if your intentions are purely and unconditional. Our inner control is neutral, equitable, loving, pure, all-knowing and knows and is truth. Bring light and darkness together, because there in lies truth beauty. Embrace both sides of yourself, because there you’ll find truth. Step in your truth and be prepared to share that truth with everyone who asks for.
Stand completely in the truth and beauty of your light and take the strength of it entirely in your own property. Only the one, that fulfils the orders with the heart and in the spirit of love, will recognise the comprehensive law and that way find the truth, which is in the soul of every human being.
Truth is the truth, the agreement between an idea, a tale or a message and the matter such as it is, a fact. Is something what is untouchable and invisibly truth ? Truth is an evolution and no fixed criterion. As soon as people develop to higher vibration levels, they reach to higher truths. Everyone has his own experiences, therefore its own truth from its own knowledge and knowing. At any time speaking the/your truth will help you to develop your truth and with that the quality of your life will improve and your progress of your vibrations increases when you learn to reach to higher truths. Your truth only lies in the ethereal area until you ground it with the vibration of your own voice links. To formulate what lives in your heart and rise for your own truth, grounds the energy and creates a basis for your grow. And when you reach a higher vibration you also search to a still higher truth. Truth is in fact a reflection of our own evolutionary process. For this reason can hold under all circumstances of a truth in fact obstruct your own evolutionary process. The truths of your environment not always work for you. The search for higher truths is due to the basis of your own progress and makes the human evolution easier. The truth of today can change as such that for example next month or next year that same truth no longer applies and has changed. Truths change with the times according to the evolution process progress, therefore truth is an evolution. Speaking your truth not always means that this truth applies to everyone. You only say that it is your truth of that moment. However one place where all truth is well kept and never change. And that is in your own heart. The feelings which nourish deeply in you will stipulate your truth in areas where words are not able to. Trust these feelings and develop them. Develop the habit to pronounce what lives in your heart because that is always the truth of that moment. The feelings of truth and it deeply “knowing” in your own heart, is the connection which you have with your Higher Self. These feelings form the basis of your control and your strength. Truth must be searched for. For that we must know for certain what is true. Certain knowing is that what goes above our thinking. The repairing capacity that the exchange is, between material thinking ignorance and it astral feeling to perceive, that turns us into a spiritual consciously affectionately knowing living being what can see the distinction between fraud and truths. The spiritual abilities such as clairvoyance, clear feeling, clear knowing and clear hearing is a bridge to be aware of the truth in all it forms.