Clarity, Transparency and Purity

When we incorporate with regard the 4 basis principles to the correct behaviour rules in our life and completely observes by indicating interpretation, we become harmless compared the fellow people and yourself. There are instruments for application on yourself to widen the conscience further and to learn become purely and perfect as a result of which we can reach the state of enlightment. Herewith it is meant that the soul learns discover freedom and sovereignty that it is an independent and independent individual. The (re)discovering of "SELFNESS" within itself.
To help people it needs the following 3 important necessary resources to let contain the conscience from a deeper dimensional level how it would have to learn to think and act strongly to grow to a-higher conscience level. For this we apply the terms transparency, clarity, and purity.
1. Clarity
Creating a clear thinking spirit that can release all thatís confused which is stored in the cellular memory. Dare to release all negative burdens and influences. Learning well-considered by weighing and considering and taking well-considered choices and decisions. Each idea, thought and image in deep dimension to have analysed and to burn the images in the memory so that when one needs the necessary information, can bring this clearly in his spirit. This provides clarity in the spirit. By regularly mentally practising one will learn become skilfully. Also by regular meditation exercises a wide and broad conscience can arise, which functions as ' panoramic being aware '. Then your spirit will be in a higher environment-sphere of conscience and there is clarity of mind.
2. Transparancy
Transparency means openness (be open-to open), right through sea, be reliable, to count on or entirely transparent of individuality. What you to the person in question see and sense is where you trust on. Transparency does not know lies or fraud. It is it pure "being" without obstacles where one can hide behind to keep back the truth. Transparency is the natural flow of energy that clears itself through everything without capacitance and purify people this way of the predominating ego.
3. Purity
Purity is pure being, clean, it is without conditions, additive or further obligation. It is having patience, thinking and letting become the soul one. It is avoiding ignorance and avoiding the illusion. Do not let you mislead by all influences of the world; distrust the senses, they are not reliable. But search inside the body, the holiness of your gestations, your inner self. The way to eventual freedom lies in ITSSELF. It is reaching a state in which people are entirely willing less or passionless and in which he has reached perfect love, adultness and wisdom and entirely can be independent, the independence. Everyone can reach this perfect state, but the steps which must be taken for that to serve total altruistic to be. Just then we will penetrate be of perfect love, a love that need or have nothing or posses, because to truth love is no lack. "From life, which can take everyone but cannot give, life of which all creatures love dearly and gladly keeps is preserved wonderful, loved, pleased and agreeably for everyone, even for the smallest being...". Standing above another is not possible to transmitted only by communicating to another one, it must be realised by someone itself pure of heart before you start to travel. Learn, before you take the first step, to distinguish the real from the misleading, the always passing of sempiternal (ever lasting). Learn especially to see the difference between intellectual knowledge and soul wisdom, between the ' knowledge of the eye ' and that of the ' heart '.