Who are you ?
I am "I AM", I am who "I AM" and who are "YOU"?
I am "YOU" and you are "I", do you know "ME" ?
Together we played in harmony on the celestial meadows
loving and gladden each other's heart.
This way playful and happy we were
I loved you and you loved me.
Now separated on this earth of each other
searching each other to the bitter end.
I ask myself where you are ?
will we ever find each other
or just at the other side ?
I wait full impatience and gladly
our feelings are stronger than ever
the missing and the emptiness of your absence
is heart tearing and I suffer.
Even if this life is unbearable I forget you never.
Ever our desiring souls will be one
with these thoughts in my mind to that moment
I dream my most beautiful dream
without you there havenít been no beautiful times
with you that I want to be
in eternity and released of the pain
because like "YOU" there is no one !
I am "I AM" and my earthly name is William van Prehn.