The soul/spark


Long ago, many aeons before time was measured, the great magnificent energy we call "God" stirred. The God Force breathed out and sent vast sparks of its consciousness exploding into space. And so, this universe began. The first and strongest sparks of energy were the archangels and guardians. Some of the smaller sparks were drawn to explore and inhabit the rich variety of life forms in the many galaxies, solar systems and planets available to them in the vastness of creation.
On the outer edge of the Milky Way galaxy, a tiny, very special planet was chosen for a unique experiment, something that had never been tried before-an experiment of co-creation, love and total free will. Humankind would have dominion over all the Earth: the animals upon the land; the fowl in the air; and the fish and creatures of the sea. Those who were chosen to be a part of this experiment would have stored within their brain structure great mental capabilities and within their heart/soul a strong, loving emotional nature. These beautiful Beings of Light would create a physical form in order to experience the material world as co-creators with God and build a paradise world on a planet called Earth.
It was a beautiful shining sphere with fresh gentle breezes blowing across its surface to cool and refresh the land and its inhabitants. It had great oceans and small crystal-clear lakes, fast-moving torrential rivers and slow meandering streams. There were giant craggy mountain peaks, mountains that undulated across the land, and a never-ending variety and shade of green foliage, with flowers in brilliant colors and a multitude of shapes to please the eye. There were large and small fishes swimming in the streams, lakes and oceans, as varied and plentiful as the blossoms in the fields. The feathered fowl displayed hues so sharp and bold they seemed to compete with the flowers. They were plumed and sleek, of such variety to be beyond imagination, and with the green foliage as a backdrop, they created exquisite splashes of color. And there were the animals, magnificent animals designed and formed by the creator angels, the greatest artists in the universe, from a blueprint given them by God.
This paradise caught the attention of a great number of these sparks (souls), and when they heard what the experiment was to be about, they wanted to be a part of this daring plan. Some chose to stay in the dimensions above the sphere and become the Guardians of the Earth. While others felt a fascination and pull toward the material realm; they wished to experience all the wonders of this firm, physical world.
This is the story of one small spark of the God Force and its journey and evolution through time and space.


Spark drifted above the Earth and saw it was beautiful, but the young soul wasn't quite sure if it wanted to stay in the dimension above or join those who would inhabit the world. Spark's consciousness delighted in the colors and firmness of the land, the gentle breezes and the tantalizing smells and sounds. He was enraptured by the freedom of being pure spirit, but also fascinated by the uniqueness and unlimited possibilities of the material realm. Spark became very brave and his* curiosity finally got the best of him, so he gently settled his consciousness in the body of a playful dolphin. The little spirit cavorted with the other dolphins, skimming across the water, leaping through the waves and high into the air in sheer joy, loving the feel of the cool water on his sleek body and marveling at the complex language of these wondrous creatures. But Spark soon tired of this playful existence and wanted to experience more.
Spark then attuned with the life force of a gigantic oak tree and felt the sturdiness of its branches as they reached toward the sky and drew nourishment from the soil and the sun. A brilliantly colored bird with intelligent eyes and a long curved beak rested in the branches of the tree; and Spark joined the bird in its soaring flight above the Earth and tasted the wonderful nectar it fed upon. But this, too, was not enough; Spark sensed that there was much more. Aeons later, Spark noticed some unusual beings in a lush peaceful garden. These creatures were smooth of skin and straight of limb. Long, silky hair flowed down their backs and tossed in the breeze. They moved in pairs; usually one was a bit larger than the other, and often walked with their arms *(Not really a male, but androgynous.) entwined, exuding great waves of loving energy. They walked on two feet and worked with their hands, using them to build many useful and marvelous things. They spoke, and the others of their kind understood. These humans were wondrous fair and pleasing to look upon.
Ah, thought Spark, these beings can surely help me learn about this world, so he merged his spirit with humankind. This was truly a grand experience and he lingered and lingered, until he could no longer withdraw his spirit on his own. Spark was trapped in the physical body until the time came when he had finally fulfilled his life span on Earth. Then, as he took his last breath, his Eternal Spark was released back into the astral dimension surrounding Earth, from whence it came.
The Spark slowly became aware of his surroundings on the astral plane. What an unusually lovely and serene place it was. Sitting on a bench a short distance away was an old man with white hair that glowed like a halo. The bench was situated beneath the most magnificent tree imaginable, its branches forming a thick canopy as the sun's brilliant rays filtered through its branches, shimmering like gold. A profusion of leaves sparkled like many-colored gems refracting the light, casting prisms of color on the ground.
The old man motioned for Spark to sit beside him, saying, "I am your Guardian and you are the nine hundred and ninety-fourth Spark in my care, but I will call you 'Little Spark' because you are so young and your flame of consciousness is still quite small. Now tell me, what have you learned in all your journeys, Little Spark?"
Spark thought for a moment and then replied, "I learned there are spirit and life in all creatures and objects-more in some and less in others. Their thoughts and ways of life are individual and varied, but all are good. I found when I was with humankind that I forgot from whence I came and felt confined, losing the feeling of being part of the universe and the God Force. I felt separate and alone much of the time. I looked to the others of my kind for love and fulfillment, but did not always find it. It was wonderful and strange, painful and delightful."
"Did you learn all there was to know in the Earth plane?" asked the Guardian.
"Oh, no!" exclaimed Spark. "There is so much more to experience. I think I have just begun to learn the lessons of the material world."
"Then do you wish to return to Earth until you have experienced all and learned the true meaning of life on the physical plane?" "Yes, please, Guardian, if that is the quickest way for me to grow in wisdom and become as brilliant and shining as you."
"You have made the right choice, Little Spark. So be it."