Loving self realization

You can find in yourself if you search and not be frightened.
Because if we know fully and understand that our time on
earth is limited and that we in absolutely no manner are able to
know when the end will come then must live every day as if it
was the last one. We must use our time to make a beginning now
with grow to own individuality. Step by step, in a such tempo which
we become, not frightened, but rather will desire to the next step.
If you lead a life of love, courage, patience, hope and belief, you
shall as a reward the better realise to what an aid there is
available if you go at search in yourself to strength and control.
If people find a place of silence and rest at a high possible level,
they will be open for influences from above, as a result of which
they can be transformed to rescue of humanity. Knowledge is
very important but that you can help nobody with purely and
only with knowledge. If you do not let your head, heart and soul
speaks, you can help no one in the world.

If you know how to fulfil the assents of the nature of your whole being by fulfilling the task of your spiritual being by manifesting in his perfect ness in life here on earth by working on your own mental patterns you will see that this is the only form of rescue. Loving self realization in relation with the universe. Therefore permanent positivity in life is very important. The problem in this world is that we since humanity are cut of, of our real identity. At least the major majority under us. People are conducted by his thinking, his aware spirit, the problem only is that a lot of these people fill their thoughts with negative, destructive, and impoverishing thoughts/ideas. Not on each area, but one must be aware of it, that their reality is stipulated by their thinking and this way their reality is stipulated. Hence that the aware spirit must filled with positive, building, constructive, and enriching thoughts/ideas. Life becomes a lot more beautiful. Especially if one starts realise that life multi-purpose, miraculous, beautiful, valuable and precious is. Happiness is thus a state of the mind. A situation that you can experience for the rest of your life, if you fill your spirit with the correct thoughts/ideas. However, how fantastic the moments have been also, yet they could not provide you permanent luck. There they were too brief for. Permanent luck is the situation/state of your spirit. Is your spirit always filled with positive, constructive, and enriching thoughts/ideas, and then you always be happy. Fill your aware spirit purely with positive thoughts/ideas, when you consider these as reality, your sub consciousness will make them reality. You get a positive irradiation, which calls positive responses at other people, who gives you therefore an affirmative of your positive thoughts/ideas.