The free will

The free will is a given good which stands for justice to arrange your life into how you wish. As men you have a free will where laws are linked to. Everyone must make his own discoveries. It concerns knowledge. If everything is perfectly, no increase can take place. Such as one knows the free will is holy. Nobody can manipulate the free will. When people manipulate the free will of someone else, then he manipulates that which has come from the one (the wholeness), the part from the large whole and directly manipulates pure strength/energy. Everyone is an individualised aspect with the divine spark of one large All-soul. It gives the soul the opportunity to spiritify the substance. People form only one stage in the whole evolution process. Men is on earth to learn, through each life by climbing on the ladder of knowledge/knowing. The free will must be broken. This has the next meaning: Compared with the higher the free will must been broken to let flow the neutral knowledge from the higher conscience level into the human receiving system. Should the free will not been broken yet (or what one calls also the ego), then receives one a pulse from the higher level and colours itself. This is not the pure from the all-knowing, comprehensive or God the universal energy. The pure from God through the Holy Spirit is as follows: One receives information from the higher through the Holy spirit through the heart. This information goes then to the conscience and through the conscience and knowledge this proceeds in earthly actions. Free translated this means: this person can receive the information purely and he knows also what he receives and through whom. This person is a divine medium in full conscience; he can distinguish from where the information comes, who’s the sender, what its own information is or what comes through others from the spheres/environments.

The free will on earth.
Something to be able to reach in the earthly one has, however, needs a strong will and knowledge. This will does not need become broken. There is therefore a difference between the free will compared with the higher and earthly free will. From the story of creation where everything was perfectly and where everything was present, it is the intention that you become the diamond who knows what everything is. Everything what you now have to do is become spiritually aware. They must put you everywhere where with all seductions where you remain faithful to yourself. As gradually your life goal become clearly you start become aware for what there is if you choose the correct path that lead to true love, balance, inner rest, responsibility and independence, mental enrichment, inner wealth what eventually will lead to harmony and luck in and with yourself in life. Follow your heart. Take the decision from your heart. The best Council masters are which comes from your heart. Listen to and follow you inner voice which has the best interest with you. If we work in wholeness without losing our individuality and where we preserve our own will, then progress is unprecedented.