Creating your reality

When we can add strength to our spirit is it time to give interpretation to all the principles in your aware life to give form to the thoughts/ideas and act strongly. It is time to stand in your own strength and take the responsibility for your own way of thinking and actions. Demand your true strength and unique beauty which is yours and in you waits to be used. Manifest your true strength and greatness which resides in you, the true potential. Be brave and know that you are here with an aim/purpose. The key to find that purpose is searching for your passion. Search the things that radiate you if you talk about it. Search the passion of who you are and what stimulates you. Dare to create a reality of what you have chosen for your self. Have the courage to go firstly after that passion because then you shall find the nature/essence of your true self. Step in your passion and dares to realise your naughtiest dreams or dreaming concerning your highest possibilities. The magic lies in you. Live with a spiritual self-confidence that you are here on earth with a purpose. There is no massive plan that exists for people that has been laid down to find meaning and direction. It is the script what we still must write our self for the future to our own choices, operations/actions and the free will. Like always the choice is to us and we stipulate our own future, which is reality. Dare create your highest reality and rely on it with trust. Dare create things in your life which give you a better reality and a higher existence on earth, because only if you put yourself on the first place, you will incorporate the energy entirely. By putting yourself firstly in that energy you make it possible that all things will come on an easy and magical manner in balance. If this creative strength is activated, you become the centre of your own universe and a complete universe begins to form in a magical way on yourself. Everything surround you become created at the moment you have the courage to form a picture of the possibilities which lie for you. Try to understand that the magic of creating lies in the moment on which you visualise or imagine the aim/purpose for the first time, followed by the creating process. That is the moment where you create a universe of possibilities surround you. Dare to dream. Dare taking your own creations in property. Dare to play with joy, and if you on a certain moment not enjoy the process, dare to create again. Dare to make errors with your creations. Are you happy ? Are you happy with being ? If not, have then the courage to create again - to make another choice, another dream to dream, to put something else in movement and a new reality to create. That is what stimulates your soul. The key to your creative power/creation capacity lies in finding ways to change your energy field. There are four points/matters with which you can do that determinedly: understanding capacity, choosing alternative realities, intentional influences from outside, living in passion and joy.