Finding of the true way/path in yourself

A wish which goes together with my life vision is to
show you the way to form your life from a larger notion
of your own responsibility. Live instead of being lived.
I have constantly seen again that carrying the responsibility
for your own life the most important step is that people
can make in their lives. All other growing processes are
just possible, when you learn to know yourself and with
everything what you have stands behind it. Loving self
realization in relation with the development of the universe
is in my eyes the sense of our earthly existence. Wisdom and
justice are there for everyone and itís reachable, not only for
gurus and masters. And in spite of the unquestionable/undeniable
usefulness of the mental and the emotional stimulants which
goes from those who shares their experiences on their way
with you, can only everyone eventually find his own way
to wisdom and justice. I wish to all love, light and a cheerful
joyous process and hope that one can accept the loving power
and support, that there always is.