Spiritual enrichment

The soul is the source of all truth.
All truth comes from inside, from the soul.
The rest of your life you must therefore approach the depths
of your soul to discover what you already know. Not examined
life is the effort of living not worth If you lead a life of love,
courage, patience, hope and belief you shall as a reward the
better realise what an aid there is available if you search at
yourself for strength and control. If people find a place of
silence and rest at a way high possible level, they will be
open from influences above, as a result of which they can be
transformed to rescue of humanity. Some minutes each day
permit themselves to come at rest make that you can release
that brake and the more entirely can enjoy of the many possibilities
of life which are available. Moreover you can learn in another
positive way to go with your life. You can learn new behaviour on
this way to influence the unconscious. As you start to understand
the language of your own soul you get a better picture of yourself
and of your life aim. This clarity forms a unique chance to change
and create your own reality. People who start to discover their
paranormal capacities are mostly frightened if they start experience
the deeper layers of their spiritual existence. Understand that fears
are your own response. Someone who starts meditate comes
already fast in contact with the simple nature laws of safety
and freedom. Step by step, in a such tempo which will not frightened
you, but rather will desire to the next step. Do not use that increase
for egoistic aims, but couple her at the time which is still future.
Do not permit that there a day goes beyond without something is
added to what you already knows. Let every day contribute
something to the maturation process, do not rests before you have
done what you had planned to do. Progress this way slowly such as
necessary to apprehend a balanced tempo. Finally, avoid fanaticism
and excludes nothing.

- Openness, Willingness
- Passion, Driving ness
- Balance
- Determination, Steadfastness
- Will power and Perseverance
- Straightness.
- Give direction to yourself
- Work on yourself.