The conscience of people is the key to relief/enlightening.
Relief can be reached by penetrating of the own true nature which leads to reaching of relief/enlightening. True nature (your own self) is connected with the conscience, since we appoint it itself on the basis of the continuum of conscience. The I 'itself ' or ' I am ' is nothing less then a name. Relief/nlightening is free from preconceptions, it is the reduction or unburden of the mental burdens which the spirit carries or is imposed by the experiences in life. It is seeing the light and learning to be broad-minded what can lead to relief/enlightening. If we walk/follow the spiritual path we are faced with a lot of challenges. If we are able to continue follow the path of light, life will rewards us abundantly. We will experience insight, control and strength. Lighted means that one is no slave of its own formed darkness and negative thoughts/ideas and that one his spirit/conscience continues to activate on a higher frequency, this can be learned by meditation. The burdens that men experiences and carries with are often a invisible one like emotional pain. We know physical pain and emotional pain. Pain is a wrong use of energy. Pain withdraws energy to you that somewhere else for can be used. If energy is not used correct, then that means simply that her way has changed to something what does not lead to the highest usefulness. As people we often feel incorrect use of energy as a form of pain. The pain which felt most in the human experience is resistance. When a being in which form what so ever, goes through energy, it will experience resistance. It is the burden of mental pain which eventually degenerated in physical pain and complaints, they who can lead to real serious physical sicknesses. This is frequently underestimated because one does not know or understands the true nature and cause of the problem. Until the burden(s) has been solved or been relieved the burden which one carries will be a heavy obstacle in his/her life that can obstruct grow and development. The burden of pain sits in the brain. If one starts to see that burden is a form of heavy luggage which must be relieved by throwing your luggage away then there already will be reduction/relief in the spirit. To understand life and energy forms we must firstly able to understand our self before we undertake the following steps. To obtain relief/enlightening we have to harmonise ours ego, character and emotion. Relief/enlightening you only get if you relieve yourself of the heavy burdens in which form what so ever. When the potential is made complete that our conscience has by nature, we will reach master ship, the state of full conscience, the state of perfect relief/enlightening.