The tale

There was once a man who believed in God. Because he believed in God,
he wanted to find out or God existed. By mentally intensively occupying
his self he hoped that God would make him self recognizable to him.
But God did not announce himself. The man occupied himself more
intensively and hoped that God would make him self recognizable.
In vain. God did not announce himself.
The man did not give it up. Resolutely and perseveringly that he was
he continued. On a night he got a dream. He dreamed that he was at
the beach. He ran on the beach.
It was twilight and the beach had been left. He ran there around
pondering and thinking. Suddenly in the distance he saw a small
little boy digging a hole in the sand. With a bucket he obtained seawater
and threw it in the hole. That he did each time, again and again.
The man walked up to the little boy and said, hey, what are you doing ?
The little boy answered, I wanted to put all the seawater into the hole.
The man looked at him astonished and said, thatís not possible.
You cannot put all the seawater in the hole. Look how immensely
large the sea is. The little boy answered, if Iím not able to put all the
seawater in the hole, then you cannot also find out that God exist.
Shocked as he was the man ran further, he looked behind and the little
boy had disappeared.

The morality of this tale is; A question of to discover and trying, but how do you start with that. Go do something what feasible seems instead of sitting quietly and wait to something automatically occurs, if you have something or that is nothing for, or that I can not obtain, or that is not possible for me, or I donít feel for it, then choose something else. Because then you give yourself at least a chance. Do not try to be impatient and want to see immediate result. But grant yourself the time to get used to a change. Then you can do afterwards perhaps again a next step. But think this way: never tried is always wrong.