Forgiving has several meanings. What also important is, is that you can forgive another, because we are on this earth to live consciously through everything. With forgiving you do not have to wait until the other one change or declares regret. It is an inner process, an action of love for yourself that can also impact on your relations. If we can forgive our self and another also the energy will be disconnected of the situation (if we forgive from our heart and our conscience. If we only do this from our conscience then there is no strength in it). The situation in which we are is a mirror of our self and/or a part of it and/or a part of a part of it. Life functions therefore as a mirror. From our feeling, our thoughts/ideas and our actions we get a creation in this life here on earth. Everything what is not well, can we see with our eyes and become aware by our conscience. For this reason it is not terrible to make mistakes, we need this to form us. Do not fall always in the same mistake(s). If you see that everything goes wrong try then to do the opposed. For people that are perfectionist it is difficult. They want everything perfectly, they are also perfect in what they can and know, but they make errors/mistakes, because there is always more what they not yet know and with what they know they enter wrong. And if you doubt to yourself, goes everything wrong, thus try not to come in a negative spiral because the negative has the power over you and then you will demolishes everything and it takes years before you are at the level where your was concerning self-confidence the power concerning you does not try come and then himself you and it demands in a because then it has negative years. It is important to believe in yourself, persuaded of you skills and to trust in your aware spirit. With applying the powerful elements in your way of thinking; Donít think negative of your self, continue believe in yourself, remains an optimist, forgives yourself, illuminates and look all situations of several sides, try to see all things neutrally, do not colour situations in the colour which you want (ego), try to think: "everything come well", try to think: "comes time, prevents council", let the time work for you, have patience, have faith, have belief. This all forms the greatest and strongest strength in people, "belief in his self". Everything in life is about love and working together, to account with each other and yourself, learns to love yourself and your fellow men. Love and working together are the centres where we must consciously to come aware if we want as people forms a unity with each other. To understand this we serve as people to learn understand what true love is, what is the basis, how to go along with it. Without understanding the basis it is not possible for people to give true love if he/she does not recognise this as such. He/she thinks from its own notion of reality (the ego) that the powerful feeling/emotion and the mental or physical urge, is love.