What is responsibility ? Responsibility is to have the obligation which you must impose yourself for taking care that something functions well or goes well and take attention to it, the justification. It is the task which brings heavy duties or sorrows but is necessary in life to learn making independently choices and decisions as a result of which we eventually learn to carry our own responsibilities. As people we have already the positive capacities to develop our to a higher conscience level which can distinguish us as an individual of bad. By being responsible, take and carry responsibility responsible from a higher notion, we learn to become aware and realise that independence and independency is a positive strength where other people can build on, provided that these are well used. So we get the moral obligation to ensure that something functions well or goes well and we give attention to that, the justification.

Carrying responsibility
Carrying/taking responsibility is the most important and most difficult step which mankind can make in his life. Learning making the correct/right choices and decisions, to take attention to others, creating teamwork/working together and accomplish loving self realisation. Building a bridge with strength ability to help the weaknesses, be tolerant, norms/standards and values and tolerance form all important factors to come to increase to justice in life. For that to learn we must know what is competence. Competence is the right to exercising certain actions and the quality to judge etc. as a result of which one learns to be competent, the competence. Competence means aptitude and expertise to do something; it is the competence, capacity, knowledge, having the capability acquired by knowledge and experience. Why this explanation. If one would not understand it then the competence and capability become translated by unconscious people to actions to power and to have once tasted power it makes people blind and power-voluptuous as a result of which he/she no longer sees the distinction of taking or carrying responsibility. Taking responsibility is transmitting your competences and put at example with application of hope, patience and faith. Carrying responsibility is showing people what competence and responsibilities is. With these terms makes it people possible to think and to act to complete responsibility from a higher notion, realising that the person concerned has a competence to act, decide or make a choice to the correct justified judgement. By learning carrying responsibility the person will see also in what kind of heavy burdens rest on the shoulders where others can dependent on. It learns people think more balanced, thoroughly weigh and to weigh, excluding and short-sighted thinking, to have exhaustively illuminated and examined the matter of several angles as a result of which you eventually can and dare take a well-thought-out choice or decision from a larger whole to the for you and in others their interests the most acceptable and credible judgement. Dare to let go the things of which you thought because of a conviction that they would make you happy and follow the direction of your heart. Give yourself the space to make mistakes and learn how you must carry your strength and responsibility. Take your strength and bring it in balance with your responsibility, because that is the basis for your true strength. You must know that it not the choice itself or the result of choice is that makes the final cut. It is the action of choosing which detaches the magic in you. Give yourself the space to be a human, because being a human lays the greatest manifestation of your spiritual being. Using of that strength, which is our birthright. That strength can be only brought in balance by accepting the responsibility for your actions. So we start being a part in that one spirit of unity. Those are the capacities of a good leader. Deciding from unity, accomplishing teamwork/working together from the unity, the larger whole.