The spiritual being, the human, has come to live through everything on earth as three-unity and experiences that to obtain what his birthright is, the legitimacy, the right of existence. On its discovery/search in life on earth, the human tries to develop and to complete to an unique individual being with an own unique individuality with which the humane try to penetrate/understand life to reach complete realisation and notion, the spiritual awakening. If the human start to understand what the usefulness, the sense and the purpose of life is, shall it be able to realise by that realisation to accomplish everything that for that moment is possible, by self realization. From a dualistic spirit/mind it can grow to the one unity conscience as a result of which the inner voice will become quieter. If this mission has been accomplished can death enter and enters the spirit the environments/dimensions of eternal life to climb the ladder into the environments/dimensions to what our spiritual portion of the inheritance is which our right is to obtain what belongs to us, what can be accomplished by self realization, the possibility of returning to the pure source of universal energy, God.
It comes on there that the human spirit by philosophy of life exhaustively goes on research to learn and understand the deep dimension of life in its full seriousness, searching to the purpose of life by learning to act/do in the correct manner to achieve results and progress from a higher notion, and the sense of life which leads to succeeding and obtaining what leads to progress and development of the aware spirit and the awareness. In other words it means therefore, as a person you must first obtain think pure to be able to understand, your actions have to be pure and succeed to become/to get. This all combining enables the neutral spirit eventually to change of a duality conscience to an one unity conscience where your aware spirit stipulates it, the control has, takes and dominates. The "I AM" conscience. Below in a diagram showed how the spirit can learn understand the term, the purpose and the sense of life and able to accomplish.