The journey of the spirit

There was once a man who was very
seriously sick.
He saw the death for his eyes.
He made a travel to the universe.
It was a very far travel through the clouds.
Suddenly he found himself in a forest
where many trees were.
Arid leaves layers there on the ground.
There he stood all alone in the middle of
the extended forest. He ran there around not
knowing which direction he had to go.
Already wandering suddenly he saw a beautiful
place in the far distance. The place was so
beautiful that he became speechless.
It was a peaceful place just like an oasis in the
desert. The spot was picturesque and etheric
If by a magnet attracted he stood suddenly
dense at the place.
Enchanted by the attractiveness and the sphere
Like a paradise he looked at the place.
It was for him irresistible.
The forest and the place was separated by a
ditch. He wanted to jump to the other side but
suddenly appeared there a kind man who said,
you can not come here yet.
Go back the man said. He wouldn’t listen
and nevertheless wanted to jump.
he could not yet come there and that he had
to go back. Disappointed and reluctantly he left.
He awoke and lay on the sickbed.
He lived still long and ....... ?

The morality of the tale is that the mysterious and miraculous of life, gives you the chance to open your eyes. There is then nevertheless a GOD who exists?, or is it all coincidence ?, or a coincidence of circumstances ?, or do we become as people nevertheless positive influenced ? Does it matter ? Do we have to search GOD ? Is HE then already not in us and everywhere ? Aren’t we searching in the incorrect way ? Search through your heart to the inner in yourself. The inner way is the way which leads to the gates of the celestial realm. God is not found by the tangible, visible and aware. This stood already described in the first order of the Ten Commandments.