The basis principles in life

Behind the sense, the use and the goal of life to come is it for the seeking person very considerably life to understand the philosophy of life and really to ask itself what the for him/her real deep-set targets/goals are (instead of the self thinking targets, from a limited perspective seen) that one really has in mind to put and to obtain and motivates to give life meaning and a purpose without going through life aimlessly as a ship that on sea floats that its home harbor cannot find, because simply not the right course has been started and it no compass own that the right direction fixed. When one in life does not fixed a clear course and the right direction chooses by putting the wrong or not right goals the ship on sea (just as the human life) will turn around and not come out where we wished or thought to come because it was missing of view and understanding. Our motivation will take off and the real goals will be postponed or perhaps even never obtained (until it new understandings come or the consciousness is opened). One will not get the fullness from life and become conscious of the own right to exist and become persistent against the heavy daily influences that can be of influence on the intended to achieve results in your/the life. The person will not or less driven through passion and joy to give life real sense so that the individual person will see life finally as pointless and aimlessly and even a danger for itself or her fellow man can become. This has been seen from the negative side, natural there also are positive sides.

What is now actual the philosophy, the meaning and purpose of the life? (See also the plan of the life). Everybody has an own version only as we look it at the logic side, it depends one has to give use and meaning at life him self serves to give through the right purpose to put and try to penetrate and to understand life. Philosophy is learning to understand and contain to see that by awareness and realize, life can be given the right form, the awareness/notion. Without notion, one cannot act right or put the right purposes. The sense and meaning is the motivated doing and acting with passion and joy to the notion of the philosophy of the meaning purposes and giving form at the ideas, that through experiences, inspiration or understanding comes in to the consciousness which trust obtained becomes, and results are obtained. The purpose is then the obtaining of the knowledge and skill of successful experiences and progress in (clergyman) growth and development.
To understand and to obtain the philosophic objective of life we serve as man kind to examine the basis principles of life what us as man really drives and motivate to fill full life and to create optimal growth and development. Ask yourself what is the most valuable reason to give meaning at your existents. Then the reason or objective will be that you as man hope for a long and healthy life, or not ? For when we know that we live a (to) short life, life in principle has too little sense and will we to hurried and probably live in fear and live with the fore knowledge that we have too little time to finish our growth and development (when we’re conscious) and feel, what actual the use is of a short life, what every moment can/will be ended, through which a man becomes depressed and no sense and use awards at life, or seeks to. For that reason we serve two quite clear basis principles to understand and to fit in on your live as an objective and try to filling-out to give.
1. The preventing on your health
2. The preventing on danger (to be alert)
These two principles as objective can see for that when you act according those principles then you also obtains a more qualitative life, through which you take your own life for beloved, and a more qualitative life is important and valuable to obtain everything you wishes for in life, to experience and to do in that period of time and to learn satisfy lessons. When your life owns no/little quality, than it has little/less sense in comparison with a life with improvement and progress and coupled with powerful purposes in life.
Consequently here by fall all other reason/objective as for powerful in it not. For in principle, everyone hopes and desires to live and to lead a long and healthy life. Infect we’re longing for it. Unfortunately there are no guarantees which sees to that we live long, but we can improve our life’s by following the basis principles.
Single examples to improve the/your live:
The preventing on your health.
When we prevent on the health by keeping the body healthy and vital by using disciplined healthy diet, exercise and guarding yourself from (all) bad customs and lusts (see the philosophy of the 4 disciplines) that can make our body and mind ill than we (perhaps) already extend the quality and the length of the life span of your live.
The preventing on danger. (to be alert)
When we do not prevent on danger in life, then we shorten the possibility of a long life. Consequently not being alert on dangerous situations/circumstances and there deliberately conscious or not defying fate can influence your life chances. Negative situations and a negative state of mind can also influence your life in such a way that will keep you back of the objectives in life because you simply do not see the danger.
This are brief but mainly examples and everything must one see in a broad context, because without these two basis principles to handle the quality of life can not forward and life can have little sense, use and no purpose. It comes on to take the basis principles as a way of life or thinking and integrate in your life system. It must become a part of your daily thinking and way of life. The will must be strong (will power) so that every manipulation, derivation, impediment no more influence on you have through which you threaten to give up. Success.