Awakeing of the spirit

There are 7 points where you can see to you yourself if the process of spiritual transformation has started or it has been already put in functioning.
1. Being clear
This means that you are constantly present, if you are awake, sleeps or dreams. You do not allow that external matters confuses you, your consciousness remain always receptive. Clearly consciousness sense as perfect vigilance and unconcern.
2. Knowing
This means that you are in contact with the level of the spirit on which the answer on every question is confessed. It has to do also with talent. Your area is life himself and the movement of the conscience at every level. Knowing senses as being wise, having faith, stable and at the same time modest.
3. Having respect for life
This means that you are in contact with your vitality, you feels inside your strength flow which flows by every living being. You have respect for everything what is there and you start life to see as wondrous, precious, valuable and significantly and you know that every living being is entitled to life and you respect that. Having respect for life senses as warmth, solidarity and gladness.
4. Non-violent
This means being in harmony with everything what becomes done. Between what you do and what all others does exists no antagonism. Your wishes form no obstacle to other people's well-being. If you look around you, you see in the world general conflicts, but in your world they are not there. As a strength field of peace you calls a halt to dispute in your surroundings. You do not believe in violence anymore although you are able if necessary to transform yourself to eliminate violence if your own life is in danger. Non-violent senses as humility, rest, peace and completely lacking of capacitance.
5. Fearless
This means a feeling of total security. You have no more fear for the unknown or for who or what. You trust your own strength, you are standing in your own strength, the belief in yourself. Fear holds you in the past. It reminds you of the moment when we left our inner self at home and arrived at a place where we were vulnerable. For this reason fearless feels as yourself.
6. Unattached
This means that you are no longer been attached to material things, matters which has no usefulness for you or are totally meaningless. You can detach yourself more easily of unimportant matter which influences other people. You are busy make you loose of all earthly matter which doesn’t serve you (anymore) and you dare to let go. Unattached senses as a release and enlightment.
7. Wholeness
This means that you exclude nothing, all that can participate. Now you still has the idea that life has been subdivided in small bits of time, experience and activities. Wholeness is a situation which is larger than individuality. It announces himself as "I Am" that to you refers as "I am" of others. You accept that you are a part of the whole and you know and are aware that you yourself are a wholeness that grow to independence and responsibility as an unique individual and knows that nobody have to complete you to becomes or to be a wholeness, you already are that wholeness. Wholeness feels as firmness, eternal, as something without beginning or end.