Meditation is a self regulating physical-mental rule system that leads to an enlargement of the conscience and stabilisation of the own individuality. With her positive functioning she continues building on the basis from the already present capacity to rest and relaxation, from the existing conscience and existing individuality. The better you are prepared on the meditation the faster you end up on the way to the/your inner centre and all the faster you experience the impact of the meditation exercise(s); finding your identity, calmness, well-being, tolerance and a broad conscience. For this reason one must prepare mentally and physical to each meditation exercise, by doing it and aim no purpose.

Meditation is not detrimental, on the contrary it gives inner rest. After physical and mental efforts is meditate important. It repairs the balance and ensures fresh energy so that physical and mentally normally can function. After efforts taking the necessary rest (meditate) increases/ accomplish grow and broadened vision and insight.
Meditation is also a very well method for improvement of the quality of your life and progresses personal grow and development. By meditation you can learn experience on another, positive way in your life. You can learn new behaviour on this way and influence the unconscious on a positive way. By meditation you will learn to find your own truth way/path. As you start to understand the language of your own soul, you see a better picture of yourself and of your life aim. This clarity forms a unique chance of changing and creating your own reality. Someone who starts with meditate comes already fast in contact with the simple universal laws of security and freedom. Some minutes each day permit themselves for meditation make that you can release that and more entirely can enjoy the many aspects of life which are available. Meditation broadened your horizon and can ensure for more balance of your conscience.
Bring your rational self on a low level,
belief that it is possible and know that you can.
Meditation forms a way to inner silence,
rests or the quiet place in you, certainly it
concerns not only incorporated into happiness.
It is rather a powerful instrument to help you
concentrate clearly on your physical being
and not less important, it also puts you direct in
contact with universal energy or life’s
force/vitality which penetrates everything.
This conscience level is exact what’s
necessary to realise your paranormal ambitions.
Manner to apply meditation:
- Take a good sit - or lie attitude
- Open yourself entirely
- Relax and exhale deep, at each breathing the body relaxes and sink deeper
- Take your time.
The subconscious cannot logical reason as your conscious mind. The subconscious is all knowing and knows the answers to all the questions. It will never argue or contradict with you. Think the good and there will be good. But if you think the bad, then there will be bad. The choice is totally at yourself, because the subconscious cannot contradict you. We have all our own free will.

"No single nature power is bad. It depends only from how to use the powers of nature".