The magic of the powerful thoughts

What is magic? Magic is no working magic such as sorcerers do in the fantasy of people but is in fact the gift to use of the potential that every human possesses to translate and form from the formlessness in the thoughts the pictures and feelings through the conscience to reality, the creating ability. Because of this you create magic and reality at the same time. Magic starts when you take the responsibility to create your own life and try to find your own luck. For this we have to learn to understand our conscience how we have to go along with the energy pulses (thoughts/ideas, pictures etc.). There goes always a flow of energy through your head. That is the thought process that comes from the large one unity conscience with we are linked. When we learn to separate and distinguish which thoughts/ideas are useful for us then it is only a question of time when we form that thought/idea to reality. We have no control concerning what comes in and through our head and where itís going. We all are part of a thought process which is everywhere shared by all energy. But we have the perfect control concerning the thoughts/ideas that keeps hanging in our head by making the choice. Whenever one a specific thought/idea can hold longer than a few seconds with belief, conviction and faith in the head, that thought/idea is yours and appears in your reality. Work with that thought/idea, belief in that thought/idea and that manifests himself that is the magic of creating your reality in the thoughts. Because of this you change directly your own reality. When you choose determinedly your own reality you bring the strength of the creating to expression, which is your birthright. Changing your vision leads to changing your reality. And if you understand that all changes leads to something better, then it is easy to see that the action of change is the key to improvement as a result of which you learn to stand in your own strength and dare to take the responsibility and learns to be independently and independent. That is really standing in your strength. The strength of the magic lies in learning how you put another one in his strength without removing/taking that strength. Make in each area of your live space for people in their strength and your own life will become enriched in a manner which you had not expected in your naughtiest dreams. Take the responsibility on you to make space within your own world of experience for those people who are prepared to demand their own strength on their selves and dare to stand in their own strength. Take the responsibility on you for peace in your daily reality and let that radiate to outside. Take your responsibility and your strength, for who you are at each moment. Because that creates new energy. Take responsibility for your own gladness/happiness, thought/idea process and everything will fall on its divine place. Dare to change. Enjoys the path of your future that unfolds for you. Enjoys the time which are available for you in live. You create you reality with your thoughts/ideas each second of the day. Choose carefully what those thoughts/ideas are. Be resolutely with responsibility but leave space for grow/increase and compassion. Responsibility is the balance for strength. The comparison is therefore simple. If you want to increase your personal strength, search then to manners to increase your personal responsibility. Dare to dream. Dare to teach to that passion and fulfil these with joy. Search the things that stimulate your heart and find ways to share that with others. That is magic.