True Love

Love is the way and life himself, to dare appear in all
vulnerability, by taking that form of appearing that makes the
revelation of our soul possible. Pure love is a quality of the soul
which as harmony in our self becomes experienced and gives
everything contents. Love is great and deep desires in people
who arise themselves or developed from grow of positive or
negative experiences. Love is a feeling of several feelings
which must lead to balance. Love is most fine and most
beautiful feeling what is there and is the ultimate pure feeling.
Love is purely, love is pure, love is beautiful, unconditional and
love is not obvious. To be able to give love from unconditionally
and unselfishness and without some expectations we must
therefore learn to understand love. Love is neutral, love is showing
understanding, love is self sacrificing. Love has been based
on unconditional hope, tolerance and faith, if we can not give
interpretation to it, we can not give true love. The antagonism
of love is fear and where fear is hatred can result from. Eternal
light is love. Love must be understood firstly, what the true
meaning/course/purpose/adjustment is and how you can
obtain it and by what kind of sacrifices being able to bring.
To understand/obtain love you needs the conscience true
course/purpose and discover and experience the interpretation.
Love can arise if the mind, your heart (emotion) and soul be one.
Love is the way which goes through discipline, balance,
evolution and intelligence together. Remember that the
conscience uncertainty is and sub consciousness certainty is.
Love is life itself. When we master love, then we have been
linked with the spirit of life which goes through us. We are no
longer the body, the spirit, or the soul; we are love. Then each
action we undertake is an expression of love, and love in action
can produce only luck. When we master conscience, transformation
and love, then we have been linked with ours own divine nature and
become one with God. When one knows the basis in al itís
unconditionally and application of uprightness/honesty and obtaining
wisdom the way is free to true love.

True love is so hard to find
It's the most wonderful feeling in life
However be sure it won't loose your mind
Let it come to you and share it all with all
Knowing that someone loves you
Is the greatest gift of all