Life is a complex of qualities and functions of an organism, such as the reproduction, substance changing, grow and reacting on the environment, that ensure that organism remains existed, it is the being, the existence. It is one's existence from the birth to death. Life is short, life is precious, beautiful, valuable and miraculous in all his forms. Life is dark, heavy, unbearable and undone able if one grants no sense and usefulness to his life. Life is boring if no movement, grow and development results out of it. Life is a learning process. Life is what you make of it. Not to have examined life is the effort not worth living. Live instead of being lived. Live your life with full consciousness and notion from your own responsibility. Live independently and give control and predominate in your own life. Live healthily and judiciously. Make no abuse of life. Take life seriously. Have respect for life and every life being. Do not make premature an end of life, both of yourself and of another one but let nature its course. Live your life affectionately with hope, faith and belief in the future. Live your life with a vision looking ahead and positive objectives. Try to penetrate life and understand in all its diversities. Live in harmony and in peace. In short, live and awake ! Life is unique in all its differences. If we understand life in all its differences what now still goes beyond our capacity of understanding then we will live as if every day was the last. Because life is relatively short we must try to get the extreme out of it and in the positive sense. Lived as we really have imagined to our desires in our spirit, and have planned. Have reached a satisfied feeling and acceptance of your existence before we die. When you as people can say, I have done what I have planned, I have reached what I have wanted to gain and I have lived consciously instead of slept.