Philosophy of life

Life is no card game.
Life is a learning process.
We sit all on the same school.
Life is real and life is serious.
Life is what you make of.
And if you make it real and serious it will be.
On the first place one must know the game rules.
Learning the correct rules is therefore the first step
in learning to handle life.
This are the consciously chosen rules by you,
no rules from the past or rules of other people.
You already possesses everything what’s necessary
to improve the quality of your life. Self discipline,
openness and willingness are a manner to get
concerning the required capacities; You limit your
possibilities by obstructions, being related to
former experiences, which you impose yourself.
Learn to be flexible, taking risks and be positive,
are all significant manners to improve your situation.
Spending time on yourself, for yourself is an important
component of your better feeling. Be yourself, not what
others - from the past, present or future finds that you
belong to be. Take the responsibility for your situation,
way of thinking and sickness. Learn to understand the
signals which your body gives you in the form of
symptoms. Use openness, permanently and persevering
to reach this; with openness, permanently and
persevering you increase your capacity and
accomplish your aimed goals. The choice is to
you of using this congenital gift/ability.

Know that all have been left/depend to the time which you are available and is granted until the higher power granted you the right to continue to other dimension(s) and/or life forms. People are subjected to the maturing process in this life and bounded to space and time for this applying dimension of the-three-dimensional universe of physical "being" where the cosmic nature laws must become respected. Before starting to the change process of own "I" people must wonder themselves firstly, am I prepared to change and will I be open, can I obey and subject to myself. Openness and willingness are the basis in life to grow. All other increase processes are just possible, when you learn to know yourself and with everything where you stand for. Application of thorough/deep philosophy and possessing a powerful way of thinking are the necessary elements to reinforce your spirit. Philosophy means lessons of wisdom or the study of the way of life, the philosophy of life have been based on the application of openness and willingness what means in fact obedience and subjection. Obedience and subjection to yourself are meant, to be open, impose full dispossession and self discipline on you. Be prepared to go beyond the extreme sides of your abilities, constantly explore your possibilities. Obedience’s at you and at the study of life, subject you at the philosophy/art. It is important firstly to complete the trusting in you and then to stand for 100% behind yourself before you unconditionally can obey and subject. The greatest power in a man is the belief in itself; this has been based on belief, trust and conviction. The trusting serves namely always mutual to be. From openness and readiness the next step is, learning to apply at the powerful basis elements as will power, perseverance, determination and steadfastness. Only willing is not sufficient because if the will is in fight with the imagination, it will lose and cannot resist to all seductions that will serve. Therefore is it quite important that we add power to the will through addition of will power. There where the will, will give up, the will shall continue by using perseverance and keep fighting to win. Persevering under the most difficult and heavy situations and circumstances and then not give up, but to maintain and constantly using will power on yourself. Persevering and not to choose the way of the slightest resistance, but learning to use the powerful way of thinking in acting. Determent to realize planned goals, and to succeed to clear away the obstacles that you meet on your way and to defeat them so that you can renew the targets where you put out growth and development. Perseverance/steadfastness at all elements to hold, without negative manipulation and derivation which can deviate you from your targets. These powerful elements in combination will lead till a unique powerful mentality and personalities change from which one can learn to think and act from a higher understanding from responsibility and is the way to autonomy and responsibility within reach. Without responsibility, we cannot think and act to justice. Taking responsibilities is the most important and most difficult step that we in life can take. Learning to make the right choices and decisions, helping and take care of each other, creating of actions together and loving self-realization. To build a bridge in yourself with capacity to help the weak, be tolerant, having standards and values and tolerances which all form important factors to grow to justice in life. As man we own already the positive abilities to develop till a higher consciousness level that can distinguish us as an individual from the bad.