Searching to strenght and controle

To find strength and control it is important to search for it, when you
do (still) not know how to find in yourself it is important to impose
openness and willingness on yourself and to submit yourself to those
who already possesses that strength and control so that when the time
is ripe you can work independently for obtaining strength and control in
yourself. Know that all are available and is inside you present. You have
the congenital gift. Consult the source in yourself (the soul), make
connection/contact with yourself. The strength in yourself can grow
and develop by application of powerful thinking and the belief, faith
and conviction in yourself. By thinking that it is not present it will not
come outside. When the imagination becomes effective with the belief,
faith and conviction that you already have the strength and effectively
feels that these are present and you will work/experiment with it, then
you will see that when you let your imagination work larger and more
convincingly and the mental steering intensively and optimally the desired
situation creates, you will see that illusion reality becomes. Every people
have its own reality and are able to create his/her own world where
everything is possible, only must you believe yourself to realise where you
honest and equitably for stands. You search your spirituality and you want to
enrich yourself mentally with inner wealth, these you find in your soul.
Finding the true way/path in yourself is a process of inner harmonisation
and realisation, which inspires you to be faithful to your deepest know and
to following your own way. It is a path/way of personal grow which aims
at your deepest self realisation and more loving, free and to live
more creatively.