Making choices

If we take/make the wrong decisions it is so that we have to do the things constantly new until the time is ripe that we realise that we must not fall in the recurrence and realise that people learn of it. If not, then the situations become exactly as long as repeated until people understand it. If people realise that all developments in the form of earthly problems are situations to learn from, then one can see this positive. If one already consciously have the knowledge, then one did not have to be in situations which one did not want. At all decisions which we take/make, we decide consciously from our aware knowledge or from what we know consciously at that moment (knowledge which we have o that moment or which we have gathered during this life). In other words, people take at a certain moment in a certain situation his decision from his own knowledge and knowing and from the information of that situation. Would the outcome of the decision not satisfy to what people have thought the moment he or she took the decision, then people must not think that to his feeling and conscience were not well. One has at that moment in that situation taken a decision taken according to the information which was present for that moment and for that situation. In principle nobody takes express a wrong decision, seen from a higher conscience level it is good, for this reason one had on that moment a good feeling/sense. But one had to gain new experiences in full conscience and at the next situation one will decide differently (for the one which has learned). For this reason it is important to forgive yourself (forgiveness for yourself) and not become angry on yourself, try to look/illuminate it from another side. We always come well out if the situation lies far behind us and if we examine the situation again from a clear moment. It is important that we forgive our self if we think that we have taken the wrong decisions. We can thus aim our better at the future, so that we gain new and nicer experiences, as a result of which we can leave the less things behind us. It concerns always the time "NOW" (the present). The past is a passed station, what has happened, has happened and is can not be reversed. Do not live in the past but solve the matter and accepts them such as they are so that you can go on with your life. Do not let or influence what you can obstruct, continuing follow your chosen path perseveringly by being aware; aim you at the future, on the time what will come. Experience every day as you’re your last, enjoying of all aspects in and from life from a broad-minded term in the time which is available for you and from forgiving and working on harmony in your life.