The heart

We have several types of emotions/feelings from the heart. The heart is the seat of the soul. Our spiritual increase depends on our involvement, our will to love. Our intelligence is present in our memory. The memory has a vital function, not only to remind us in what and where the things are, but also as a honest witness of everything what we have experienced. The heart and memory cooperate closely so that we can recognise our errors and are able to change our self to good. The purpose of all that are searching, is widening the spirit, our conscience can completely free absorb all information of knowledge which we have and which knowledge can be converted by the heart into wisdom. Our personal emotions and thoughts/ideas we must be able to master then are you free (the path of reduction). The emotions/feeling and thoughts/ideas from the heart or higher self, if you become aware of it then this is the path what have been indicated from an unconscious desire to grow to pure strength, the light (energy). Consider that all is to overcome that if you only know how. Everything what people undertake from the heart is well, his/her actions become visible in life. Your environment/surroundings, which you have formed from your thoughts/ideas, are personally the mirror for you and for the other one. Because of this you can see what you have done wrong from your perception and your truth, because in life the wrong action becomes visible and we become aware of this. Because of this you can change yourself and your surroundings consciously. That which touches your heart will make it possible for you to become of the largest usefulness to be for your fellow men and the whole universe. We have the responsibility for our own heart and nobody can decrease that responsibility from us. That responsibility contains the key to your true strength and when we claim the justification for that strength. Take only the justification on you for that what lives in your own heart and not for healing the world. Do not take justification for negative situations or events in the world, because those reflect the collective. It is only possible to heal the world by healing firstly yourself, beginning with your own heart. For this reason go build bridges to be there for one another. Build that bridge from your heart so that these obtain the correct and powerful strength to carry from love for yourself and for another one. A bridge without strength to carry will collapse and you will have then not the capacity to help yourself or the person in question that needed help. Build/construct firstly a firm bridge with strength to carry in yourself before you want to help others (the weaknesses). Therefore instead of demolish bridges we must build firstly firm bridges from the heart. Because of this we learn to bind/connect ourselves again by heart energy with what us has separated/disconnected of the harts of our fellow people. Because we people consider each other as separated/disconnected and not as a one unity (one energy) this will keep us against becoming fully aware (the awakening) and of transforming to ours true "I" and of meeting with truth love. Harmonise the Ego, master and control the Emotions and Personality, open your heart and make a heart-conscience connection (between head and heart) by accomplishing Self Acceptance in yourself, Meeting/familiarisation with love, Living from your heart and Opening of the mind/spirit , this way you will be able from a heart carried conscience to exceed the material and create love, harmony and luck in your life. The heart carried conscience.