Harmony is important, it ensures balance, order, rest and even peace. To create harmony we must start at ourselves, by bringing rests into our life’s, satisfy yourself with what your possess in life, with true love, strength and control, health, luck, inner peace, balance, working together or creating teamwork, to prevent tensions and stress, carrying no heavy mental pressures or burdens, restore what’s broken (relations), resolve arguments, regrets and declare contrition and forgiving to be, thus relieves ourselves of all burdens in which form also. Just with people who lie us most to the heart, we often put up a fight. That comes because we cannot leave each other alone or at rest. If this leads to serious brawls/arguments, we often forget or deny how much we care or love each other. We must remind ourselves that kindness and understanding better works then anger and blame. If we at a given moment are able to do so then we will learn what cooperation is, to come and to reach to an well ordered wholeness, the agreement with the large whole.