The dualistic mind

Our dualistic mind what means our two side thinking, it influence and
enable our mind to see and think everything from two sides and
antagonisms so that we can see and examine the matters in life from
different/several angles and experience from where we try to make the
correct choices and decisions from several angles. Our dualistic mind
is also considered as finding our self in dualism where the mind
analyses adopting two or several compared with or independently
beside each other standing principles for the declaration of reality.
By duality we are able to see antagonisms such as: black and white,
above and downstairs, good and bad, fear and love. Above and below
is only relevant from the point where you yourself that moment
are/standing. Good and bad are products of your judgement
whereas fear and love are in reality two sides of the same circle.
Everything is part of the wholeness. The most important main
point is that the dualistic mind learns to think independently and
deciding without influence of positive and negative strength,
herewith is meant strengths from outside or from your own sub
consciousness/inner voice. Once we master and control our mind/spirit
and are able to think independently by filtering our thoughts/ideas
in the correct manner, separate and to distinguish and certain knowing
from the higher notion then we can grow to the one unity conscience.