The thoughts

The change starts at the thoughts/ideas. Another or new thought/idea form a new action and therefore a new outcome and form in your environment/surroundings. One gets the feeling and the thoughts/ideas always first, just afterwards follow the action. With the thoughts/ideas one can also see the future. To get control and mastering concerning our thoughts/ideas and to give form one must filter the thoughts/ideas - what is positive and what is negative - because then you will come out from the circle of cause and consequence. As long as you automatically continue doing what your thoughts/ideas and your feelings say, you remain in that circle. You will reflect, then you will come out that circle. Similar is the passage/stage of current thinking to thinking from a higher conscience level. Itís concerns not only breaking through the law of karma, but it concerns there especially that you know what you are doing, because this knowledge is your enlighten. According to knowledge which you gather and those you gather by earthly living self. At a given moment you start to think concerning what a good thought/idea is and what a negative is. And then you break through everything. Then you only listen to that which comes from the inside or at the positive from the higher. This does not imply that you no longer come in difficult situations, but for a part there has been already made a connection with the purpose for which you are on earth. The purpose is that we know the distinction between the negative thoughts/ideas and influence which comes from outside and the thoughts/ideas that we colour our self. We must experience this firstly and become consciously of it. You get negative thoughts/ideas and you will do what your thoughts/ideas say, which are the actions. If the action is negative, then you can see that because the result also negative is. This you can change you or you cannot change it. Then your conscious spirit must be able to understand and prevented that you fall in the recurrence. The order is the distinction in arranged thoughts/ideas, afterwards the correct action. Negative thoughts/ideas from the cosmos are the work of negative, negative strengths/energy. Whereas yourself are neutral the negative enters inside your thoughts/ideas. You act with this in mind, but you think that it are your own thoughts/ideas. Negative twists everything what you think. They throw the mirrors wrong and then you colour everything differently in. The negative thoughts/ideas which not come from the cosmos are thoughts/ideas which are coloured by our self. For example, if you are not neutral and something happens, then you also can think negative whereas whatís happening not negative are. Everything what is interwoven in your spirit from the negative must be soaked loose, so that it comes separately of yourself, because it is not present in your spirit but linked. Then you can distinguished what comes from where. Because how more neutral the ego becomes, how less emotionally you are and how more neutrally you can see everything. Therefore distinguish between good and bad thoughts/ideas are very important to make the correct choices and decisions. People in life always must do it again and again, exactly as long as that he/she can distinguish what are good or bad, what means; People have to be aware by its actions of what positive or negative is.

The next step is that people can distinguish the negative or positive through the thoughts/ideas, the conscience. The advantage of this is that one can distinguish negative and send it away, so that one does not proceed in action. If one has this under control, then the negative has no more chance of mastering people, then people are free. If all people would do this on this world, then there will be no (less) evil and negativity more on the world and then a large step have been made in the evolution process. Negativity no longer dominates but it is the positive spirit which dominates, stipulates and perfection brings from his own free will. To let the free will act without breaking the own personality from the large whole we must first learn to understand how we have to go along with the free will (see subject the free will).