Philosophy subjects

- Develop yourself
- Give meaning to your life
- Try to get in touch with your spirit
- In everyone you find a master piece which comes from your spirituality
- Shake your spirit awake and practise by meditating or go in retreat
- Open yourself and consult your spirituality
- Stipulate your life goal
- You have to look inside you, I have a aim, I have a contract
- Then you will learn to know your own value

Philosophy of speaking
Be life, breathing example of highest truth which resides inside you..
Speak humbly concerning yourself, so that your highest truth does not become experienced by another one as bluff.
Speak softly, so that nobody thinks that you want only the attention.br> Speak pleasantly, so that all can know of love.
Speak openly, so that nobody thinks that you have pronounced something to hide.
Be pronounced, so that nobody can be mistaken.
Speak persuading, credible and full self-confidence.
Speak frequently, so that your words can spread really.
Speak respectfully, so that nobody feels himself damaged in its honour.
Make a gift of your life. Always remember that you are that gift.