The emotion is a state of mind, an experience quality of the conscience. A feeling is a emotion and a feeling gives a emotion. In our use of language emotion includes a complete broad area to feelings. There are positive and negative emotions. The purpose is that we can control our emotions and master it, which we can continue think under all circumstances neutrally. If we control or oppress our emotions and not let us lead by negative feelings, then we can regulate our emotions this way that the control does not attain. Then you can say for example: ' I have today an emotion, I do not feel myself today good, I take/make today no decision '. That is art, because as our emotions from control attain, we take/make incorrect decisions. Then we break good things. My proposition is "do not break what is complete". By putting our anger into compassion, can we better contribute and bring improvement on this world. Compassion fulfils us with sorrow for suffering of others. We must never let lead in principle ourselves by emotion. Even if everything are clearly wrongful we must continue try to see the matter from a higher perspective. Everything is/are such as it is/are. Everything happen with a reason or cause, which is the law of karma, the law of cause and consequence. It is a component/part of a much fuller pattern which we perhaps as people never can contain. Learn your ego, your individuality and emotions keep under control that is what makes you harmless with respect to humanity. If you do not cause any harm to another then the chance are much smaller that you are done any harm. Harmlessness is the core of our being and that is what protects us. If we are harmless we create no karma that conducts people to wars and fear and such other negative things. We must try to understand in our search to truth. But if we cooperate all at positive we can realise progress in entity to freedom. For the divine law is punish less important than contrition, which is remorse which we search if we realise what we have done wrong and take the decision to improve our life. Without emotion live is not nice. It gives colour. But it is not the intention that your body goes on course and that you react this way violent that it influences your way of acting. Death can put people serious on the test so that the belief in ourselves and in the future is disturbed as a result of which we often temporary or even for an indefinite period of time let influence by feelings/emotions which we think itís not possible to control or we donít want to. We get the feeling that life often is meaningless, even cruel and we turn to GOD and even complain to HIM because that moment we believe no longer in justice. Continuously we continue torment ourselves again and recurrence by looking to the past. What we have to realise is, what has happened, is happened and is no longer reverse, we must accept it, solve it and continues what moreover sounds hard, but do we have a choice? Take the time to process it and take/make then the powerful decision from a wide notion, I must go on further. The past is a passed station, we must go further. The art is to accept the situation of death as a part of the whole with the positive conscience and not let our ego and emotions lead a leading role. If we really love each other we must able to let each other also loose. If you believe that you have strength and conscience of it then it is not difficult anymore, you have the control concerning the positive insight in yourself and knows that negative feelings obstruct you to carry on growing and develop. Dare reaching further and to try new things since those efforts can lead to a new emotional dimension of your soul. What we in life must have is positive strength that holds and been fed by belief, conviction and faith in ourselves and no negative ballast. Negative ballast are the ballast which you carry with you in this life and imposes on you from the past, present and the future. It is important that you relieved by awareness/realisation. We must remain humble to ourselves and remind ourselves that lifeís one large/great mystery that we (still) cannot contain. It is important to know that death belongs to life. Death is the key to new life !