The Ego

The ego of people functions as a self-protection and defense system. The ego is the feeling of selfworthiness, with itself always as a main point of the ideas, seeing everything from itself, it is the life attitude of someone who has continuously its own importance and own well-being in mind, the selfishness. The ego has positive and a negative side, it is how you handle it. Think negatively then the ego is and acts negatively, think positively then the ego is and acts positively. Our feeling influences our ego, for this reason the ego also is called feeling of selfworthiness because it thinks from the feeling. Our ego is the I of the moment, but not the true I. Therefore the true I and our ego form a duality conscience. If the ego more will coordinate itself on the true I, it can and will become an oneness conscience. You think and act from the whole. With the soul, the spirit and the body we mentalify the matter and convert these in movement to order. The higher plan gets his form. We must master and control the ego to transform the ego. By the ego we put ourselves people always at first place and find ourselves always more important with respect to another one and we always looking for affirmative. Although our ego are not our real, pure and independent identity, is they in our life, however, our communicative and social " identity". An identity in words, which we necessary have for communication with others, to be able function socially. In life we always see the ego of the other one but its own ego does not see one and the other one sees constant your ego. You find never something if you do not search for it, because the essence of men lies deeply hidden in the caves of its being. If you are in contact with your intuition you exactly knows what is well for you, there are more and more moments occur that you enjoy intensely of life and you feel generally a happier human being, further along it is important to find a method to reinforce the strength of your intuition and weaken the power of the ego. People can train its ego by occupying itself with meditation and by being patient with everything what has a disturbing functioning surround him. Here one has to be patient and must know also what patience implies (to see chapter 3 from the book). How lighter and smaller the ego of people becomes the more strength he has to endure, the small light ego slides just over the powerful wave of a strong ego which crashes against a still stronger wall which overthrows her. When people are at the same level as other ones then he lies on the influence of the other ego. A more realistic ego with notion of reality creates in the long run also a more realistic human being and world view. This is the meaning of the ego of men. Ego means I, what is I and who am I ? What ego really means and implies will be explained further along in chapter 4 of the book.