The one unity consciousness

The one unity conscience is the coherent whole of sensual notion that certain knows and recognise the existence of itself and of the world. The one unity conscience think and acts from its own higher reality notion from a higher conscience level. The one unity conscience thinks four-dimensional and is entirely independent and no longer under influence by negativity. The one unity conscience draws its strength from positive and the strength and love of light. It becomes a part of light and works on behalf of light. Infinite is without limits and the grow and development to unity are also unlimited, it is the limit which you put on yourself and your limits there as an obstacle forms to yourself. Growing towards the one unity conscience we must constantly remove our thinking and appearing limits/borders and continue with full courage, trust on yourself to use the divineness in you, means more entirely penetrate in the one unity conscience. That is be one with all things and following the natural energy flow which brings you in balance with everything. One unity conscience is having the control concerning our own thoughts/ideas. We humans have no control concerning the things which comes into our thoughts because we all are part of a universal conscience flow. We have however the complete control concerning the things which remain in our thoughts and as a result concerning what we create. Check and master every thought and experience. Each experience as human is converted into universal energy, and retrieves eventually its way back to the one unity conscience as an experience of God in human conformation. These experiences give both as well human and God the possibility of seeing himself and the humans are then on the correct way to become a purely thinking and acting person/being. If we are able to raise our state of vibration a process will start as a result of which we emotionally, physical and mentally can rejuvenate, then the ageing process will be more slower as a result of which humans will live longer. Listen to your spirit your inner control, your divine core and that shall be able to be attain more balanced and rejuvenate himself. And when your spirit rejuvenates him self your physical body also will.