Death is the situation which enters at the end of life. Death is the antagonism of life and the antagonism of life, is death. If everything exist from two sides and antagonisms then it must be nevertheless so that if there is a situation of leaving/going at the end then must there also a situation of entering after finishing, as entering at the beginning of life and the entering in death, leaving from life and leaving from death. For this reason "learn to die to live, learn to live to die". Death is only a manifestation of light, death is a passage to another conscience where people leaves their physical body behind and in astral form further goes. Death is nothing else then leaving from your earthly body. Death is only one process where the energy of the one state moves over to another. Death is proceed in a new conscience situation of another reality in another dimension, in which you continue live spiritual where you continue feel , see, hear, understand, communicate by your state of thoughts, and further can grow until the moment brings you again to reincarnation from voluntary choice or because your soul needs it. It is the release for the soul which moves over to the eternal spiritual world where no bounding of time and space are present and where everything is transparency. Death is a transformation of our material physical body to fine substantial spiritual body. Our second body in which we are ourselves then temporarily, and that we experience as such, is no material but a spiritual or ethereal body. It means that one is after death more aware, because we are not limited by the physical body and the brain. The material brain dies with the body. After the dying process the ethereal sheath thatís a part of the material body falls a part. Then gradually the astral body and afterwards the mental body fall apart (see the functioning of the aura). Afterwards life flashes very clear as an episode in a serial without end to your beyond. All pictures and thoughts to in the smallest details and characteristics from earthly living pass the spirit eye of which you are entirely aware of, just like an almost dead experience. This time however a feeling of responsibility is felt for the role which one has played in earthly life from which you can deny nothing, lie or keep back there it all it has been stored in the sub consciousness. Is this the judgement ?, therefore your own judgement ? After this realignment each soul finds his own place and environment in the afterlife. It means therefore that you yourself are the reviser of your own life and soul contents. After death you take your complete memory with you which amalgamate with the soul, and you experience a light that is so clear as the daylight and an inexpressible feeling of love and gloriousness. You will be offered the chance to further develop waiting for possible reincarnation. The soul incarnates and gets a new body, physical, astral and spiritual/mental. It is the soul which becomes with the spirit one and if life is eternal then exists there no dead, only physical dead because the spirit lives for indefinitely/eternal !