Discipline is an important aspect to bring about change in you. It is at the same time leading a life, which is an example for others. Disciplinary behaviour of yourself and towards others forms the basis of our individuality to learn new behaviour. Learning to listen and obey to your inner voice or the inner pulses/feelings from the sub consciousness by catching the signals which the body gives you in the form of symptoms or by symbolic pictures without being influenced and inferring by negative matters. Live your life with hope and faith in the future and give the good example to others. If one becomes competent in self discipline you shall experience everything as a whole. You will feel jointly responsible for everything, by that to do in harmony, what we are offered each day. Take the next fact adopts that you, your energy, the strength in you and that strength constantly grows and develops, thus evolves. Say to yourself, I am that strength; it is beauty and purity, wisdom and love and justice in its unselfish and unlimited form. By application of strength nothing obstructs me and limits in obtaining my goals, nothing for me is not feasible or unrealizable if I believe in my strength and trust. Strength which is immortal and in perpetuity. For discipline to learn as people must you overcome your weaknesses. If we think weakness then we will act weak. If we think powerful then our actions are also powerful. Therefore lay on yourself discipline to learn to think powerful and not to give your weaknesses the chance and the space to offer. Never give up ! The following disciplines are very important;