Develope powerful way of thinking

To form powerful thoughts it is important for the spirit/mind that we have belief, conviction and faith in our self. As people we must be great and think great in the spirit. A powerful think way flows out belief in your self. Weakness and giving up result from weakly and uncertainly thinking. The not yet found and formed own identity and being aware of your shortcomings, restrictions and obstructions and the unsolved obstacles in life which are not yet solved, forms your weak thinking and deepest fears because you have not yet found your truth path/way. All actions originate from the thoughts/ideas in your mind. Today is the result of yesterday. Do you want improvement in the current situation, then you must from now change the thoughts/ideas and with that also the daily actions. Because you act differently, also the outcome is differently; It starts therefore at the thoughts/ideas. All actions originate from there. All problems can be solved by thinking differently. In this case learn to think strongly/powerful with application of powerful elements in your conviction such as, I have the strength and I act to it and I am persuaded of it. Imagining that you have the strength and it can and also acts to it. Creating a positive environment/sphere where you can get your strength from succeeded experiences earlier to add strength to your spirit. Yourself programming in the spirit/mind by sending aware commands repeating to your sub consciousness by meditation or self hypnosis, which the sub consciousness at a course of time adopt as reality and truth and act to. All this in the positive sense. Eventually you experience passes that you already can only you it simply doesn’t know yet. By doing it, you eventually experience from which the confidence comes from and then you do not know better en you do it simply from conviction. We are here on earth to remind our true greatness, the potential. If the thoughts/ideas have been formed strongly then words such as a weakness and giving up no longer occur in your dictionary and have been over won with your fear. The secret effective strength lies in quietness of within/inside and learning to listen. For reaching of master ship it is necessary to develop those soul properties which we can find in the perfect individuality of our self. The key is release. Permit yourself that what holds you to let loose. Understand that sometimes release for people the most difficult is, because change is something where people by nature resist to. Dare to release/let loose, because that what we’re looking/searching for already is in us. We must only release that what holds us back to know the truth. Change you thinking. Open your own capacity to acceptance and open your heart and you will change all your negative paradigms (think patterns) rapidly. Stand firm in the truth of who you are. Step in your truth and be prepared to share the truth with everyone who asks for. Stand firm in your convictions, belief and faith. Now we start to understand the diversities to positive shaping in life it is important that we learn to understand life in its full sense and usefulness before we will work to our self. For that we must understand the philosophy of life in the broad sense and context of the word. The deep dimension of the senses and the words. Learn to see the picture in the mind and experience behind every situation and pattern of life. Just if we have examined that deep dimension and have understood we can fill in our life in a positive manner. Life is a large good. Life is one great discovery where you are your own guide. The rule is to learn how you outline your life in this life to reach discovery. A guide has also learnt how he must carry out his task. We people are all explorers and have the urge to examine/search. We do want to try containing the not containable. To discover what’s not yet discovered. The impossible we want make possible. Life is full mysterious matters which will over the course of time be discovered if we continue keep searching/looking but and remain in movement in a positive manner ! Life is what you make of.