Together sharing honest and unconditionally
is all together healing the world.
Give with love without expectation with a smile
Give unselfish although how much it can be,
Although what you will give, give from your heart,
without love is life hard.
Show your love and radiate,
That is love the "universal language".
When we share unconditional love,
people shall learn to play the game of "giving"
Give the good example then is good,
then people will see how you must give ...
If all people learn and are prepared to give and to share then it would be more pleasant on this world. People can give in a lot of ways and share, it doesn’t have to be always material matter. Often we can make our fellow men already happy when we give them attention and the feeling that we sympathise with the daily problems among which one suffers. We can give them the feeling that they count/matter in the society. When someone needs help it can be very often enough if we give moral support or a push in the back so that the person got the strength and motivation to solve his/her problem himself. Share you knowledge and skills and attention, share you talent, share you strength, share you abundance. Give love, give attention, give your smile, give what you can or can miss or what is possible but more important, give your heart because that makes the difference.
Begin small-scale within your own family and friends and extend this further to outside until it becomes a daily pattern. When you start giving and sharing it will become a soul habit which will amalgamate with your individuality. Give the good example and shows everyone how it must and should be. Divide honestly and evenly. If this addresses to you then you know that you can. But the question is do you really want to ???