The conscience

The spirit is considered also as the creating operative forming strength of the soul; it is that strength which performs the work or brings movement by own strength by forming the formlessness in our thoughts/ideas so that there originates a creation. The spirit experiences in this way with help of mental ability, her mental development in reunification with our unity (whole/all) spirit. These are as a core in our soul present, the inner voice. You can for this reason also see the spirit as the heart of the soul. The spirit is therefore the rational active think ability which makes the conscience aware. Here takes place the translation of the sub consciousness and becomes the thoughts/ideas/pictures formed and converted into actions as a result of which the conscience can develop and learn to understand by experiences which makes one aware. The conscience is the key to knowledge which is for unconscious people not reachable/contactable because one has no knowledge concerning the strengths of our sub consciousness. You can share you spirit in two, so there is you aware spirit; these steers your sub consciousness, and you have your sub consciousness; these follows all commandos of your aware spirit en makes them reality, the illusion becomes reality. Now these days people are not (more) consciously of the functioning of their sub consciousness, thatís the reason that thereís so much misery in the world. Whatís possible if people become aware of the strength of their sub consciousness. The possibilities of sub consciousness are endless. First the sub consciousness is in contact with the collective sub consciousness, the sub consciousness of all people, animals and plants. The sub consciousness is all-knowing, and has strengths where most of the people have no knowledge of. Thus it is possible to heal yourself if you are sick. But you can also heal others who are sick with your spiritual strength or to progress the healings process when you have the knowledge and skills, the control and mastering concerning energy. You can trust therefore in your sub consciousness. Also clairvoyance and other paranormal abilities can be explained by the sub consciousness. But be aware, your sub consciousness makes everything reality, what you really believe. It can last just as so that your belief really has become reality, it can last weeks, months, even years. But each belief comes true. Your sub consciousness makes therefore everything what you believe reality if it is negative or positive. Hence: "people are, what he daily thinks". The spirit/conscience has his own thoughts/ideas/strength field, these can be activated. This energy field is not activated consciously by most of the people generally. If one becomes aware on his self of these aware thoughts/ideas of the spirit/conscience, then people are on the way to the period in his life in which one can experience that he is able to filter his thoughts/the ideas, to separate and distinguish of who and of where they come from. He who the sender is and he who the recipient. There a feeling, a picture or a signal comes at you on where you establish the attention on, this change in thoughts/ideas, the thoughts/ideas changes in actions. The purpose is to be able receive the highest and pure feeling of the pure source, this changes in thoughts/ideas and afterwards in actions. As the feeling, the thoughts/ideas and the actions are pure then you can speak of a three-unity. It is important that the spirit/conscience has the knowledge to take the correct choices and decisions.

The soul is the driving strength which provides the body with energy and sees that the spirit gives form to the thoughts/ideas. Sub consciousness observes everything what one in his/her life thinks or does. All actions and thoughts/ideas are taken by the sub consciousness, because everything goes first through the sub consciousness to the conscience. Sub consciousness is a comprehensive system of control by individual. Sub consciousness cannot reason logically such as your aware spirit. Sub consciousness is all-knowing and knows the answers on all questions. It will never argue with you or contradict. Think the good and good will come from there, but if you think evil, evil flows out there. Sub consciousness does not contradict you. Absolutely no nature strength is bad. It only depends how you use the strengths of nature.
We have to do with the not conscience, conscience, unconscious, aware, sub consciousness, under conscious. The not conscience are it not aware of the conscience, it is the situation in which one is not aware of what happened in your near surrounding and can observe the invisibly/not tangible in which you close your self from the physical world. The conscience is the sensual notion, the capacity to notion, to know and recognising the existence of itself and of the world, it is the situation in which one is/becomes aware of what happened in the direct surroundings and observes. The unconscious are those elements from the mental experience world which can not consciously experienced, but not the less strongly stipulates the inner life, it is the moment that the conscience is not aware of the reality and not knows what happened in the direct surroundings. Aware is having the notion of what is (present) in the conscience, the well awareness what has been checked by the conscience, it is where one already concrete knows what happen in the direct surroundings or has happened or has been observed. Sub consciousness is the mental environment/sphere which lies under the normal active conscience. It is the deeper low/level where the observing of the invisibly/not tangible takes place. Here takes place the translation which experiences the experiences of the conscience and not conscience. Sub consciousness registers and checks everything of our life. All actions and thoughts/ideas are stored in here. If a person dies, its spirit leaves the body. Our mental or etherise body comes loose from the physical or material body. This mental body still floats first above the material body and is tied with a silver cord, some say a transparent cord. According to the spiritual world continues to stand the spirit five up to seven days beside its body and remains tied by the astral cord. After five up to seven days the astral cord which still been detached to the body broken and the spirit van rather move itself. The sub consciousness has been created especially to check and note everything. Sub consciousness is therefore a system of control in which all information (thoughts/ideas) is stored. The under conscious are those elements of the mental experience world of which one at a certain moment are not aware of, but where one has easily access to, it is the deeper low/level that narrower has contact with the soul and the spirit. By obtaining access to the under conscious the under conscious shall able to become more aware (able to step outside).
The conscience of people is therefore the key to relief/lighten. Our conscience is not the matter but the nature of our existence. Become one gives release and makes you more aware of what our mental portion of the inheritance is to come home to your perfect self. When you become awake from your day dream, the inner voice becomes quietly and everything what remains then conscience is that of itself aware is, mental awakening. Now we better know/understand how the functioning of the conscience is, it is important of learning how we go along and come /reach relief/lighten. Every person thinks that he/she knows or does it best in/on his/her own manner. Not itself wondering if everything would have been done and seen from the large whole and if there teamwork/working together is present with both the collective and the universe. You have to count on each other and with the consequence. Doing in the correct manner such as it is possible or can, it really should and must be and not such as we think how it is possible or can be, how it should be and must be from our own assumption, but trying to do the things in life whatís expected from you from a higher notion from responsibility and from pure unconditional, unselfishness and love from yourself and for others without expecting something in return or a possible reward. Can and do we want that as people ? Can we grow beyond concerning our restrictions, obstructions and shortcomings ? Can we grant another one what we ourselves not possible can or have ? Can we oppress our negative desires and master it ? How strong is our will ? Everywhere are answers and solutions for. But the large question is, are you prepared to realise it and our selfishness not to let predominate and take control. We are the victim of our own weaknesses. We maybe think that we walk the spiritual path, whereas we in reality only are looking/searching for strengths to reinforce our own ego. It is very important to be humble on your search to the spiritual truth and turn to inside yourself constantly or your intentions consciously are pure and unconditional. In here people have need a change in thinking and the application of powerful thinking from openness and willingness. Openness to realise that people has shortcomings and restrictions and influences and distract them by the negative. Where consciousness and common notion is the key to coming to your senses and change at people. Where starting to learn to take distance of less important or material matters plays a large role. Willingness for being prepared to be in service of the higher, the pure, the good, the positive, to give the interpretation to positive increase and development to yourself and to the whole humanity to come jointly to consciousness as a result of which it on this world become more bearable, safely and liveable. Be prepared for everything what negative is to turn to positive.