The conscience

Our doing and leaving has everything to do with our state of conscience. Feelings, emotions and thoughts/ideas are strengths in the spirit which becomes effective. Our vibration has been linked with nature of the earthly mankind. By using openness and willingness people can meet and discover itself through earthly life. Conscience is a wealth and wholeness which does not open itself by approach of knowledge only. Conscience includes individuality and the soul depths who give the right of existence/legitimacy to people in the substance. Conscience is in everything present. It includes the visible world and the not visible world. Conscience is a very extensive area thatís wider then we can imagine.

Developing the conscience

To develop our conscience we serve to understand the sub consciousness first. If the conscience learns communicate with sub consciousness, then balance will appear in the physical and mental aspect of people as a result of which body and spirit can function as one. Learning to use of the memory capacity, imagination capacity, the active capacity/ability to think and the creative creation capacity enables people in combination with these capacities to grow, develop and evolve. The memory capacity enables us in our brain/memory to search what we already know, can or already have experienced from which we can form a basis for the following step(s) to take. The imagination capacity enables our in the spirit/thoughts for example creating realistic mental simulations, fictitious looking situations ahead before these forms physical forms and impact has. The active capacity/ability to think put us in the possibility to place/move our active thoughts in the past, the present and the future and from this translation to come to active forming creations, the creative creation capacity. All powerful elements combined and give interpretation indicating to it, the person in question can/will/shall distinguish with uniqueness for his chosen study or path which is for the person of very great importance for his search to strength and control to the taking road of only one side way of pure strength to the truth and balance in life. By daily philosophising in dimension (deeply) with yourself and in yourself you can reach the answers on all questions. The sub consciousness knows all answers which sits/lays deeply hidden in the darkness of the soul. Create light in your own darkness. Do not be frightened, "because every one that carries its own lantern with itself, does not have to fear the darkness", what means; "he/she that walks the light, does not have to fear evil". Still a powerful pronouncement; "he/she those know how to live can walk under wild animals because there is no place for fear for death". If we have no more fear for death, death will be only an acceptance thatís part of life and then we can at last release us from our loved ones which are already gone, and remind us to the time that they lived among us and have filled our emptiness in life and even have made life more bearable. We thank them from our heart.

Step 1 - of realisation and self development - unconsciously unable
We do not see that living here on the Earth makes any sense and we do not keep ourselves also really busy. We live our life such as it comes, without being aware that we do so. Our life develops according to social protocols and habits, without seeing links or deeper meanings. We are not aware that we lead a life where we with our talents and the information which is available, also are able to influence and that we at each moment can make choices to change things. Actual we are living our life in darkness, but we do not know it.
Step 2 - of realisation and self development - consciously unable
We have discovered that we have been long in darkness. We have discovered that there is so much more what belongs to the understanding of our life, but we feel us still very unable and powerless to do something about it. We understand that life gives our certain lessons, but see not yet how we can handle that now and how we can learn from this and grow. Life themes starts to become clear, but there is still much lack of strength and a feeling to be the victim. Problems are frequently attributed to others and self responsibility in that will not be taken. At this learning stage insight arises, but these are not yet succeeded by action and the will to change.
Step 3 - of realisation and self development - unconsciously competent
Gradually we have learned that the life process is a lot more than 'sitting out' of the time here on earth. We know ourselves better and dare to look at our own processes and increase points. We have discovered manners to grow and develop, only we are not conscious of the fact that we find are ourselves therefore in a next learning stage. We not only know ours life themes or are we discovering that, but we take also effectively action to work on it and develop us. It not only remains at insight and observation, but is succeeded by action. We start to understand that we are responsible for our own life process, for the events of our daily life and are able to see others already as mirrors, instead of keeping them responsible for the problems in our own life.
Step 4 - of realisation and self development Ė consciously competent
We are consciously from our capacities to creation in our own life. We know ours themes and know the resources to continue working through these themes. We see that there is much more in life then daily life itself. There is much space for conscience growth and there arises more understanding for others in their own life situation. We change the matter in our life where we resonate no longer and choose other paths which fits by us. We live our life according to our own path. We live ourselves. At this stage we go on until our soul is ready with her journey for this life.