The spirit and his right of excistence

To let the spirit, the conscience see and realise what the usefulness and the sense of life is why it is here on earth in a body, the neutral spirit must from his birth grow and develop so that it learns understand and experience both the positive and negative situations under all circumstances what his eventual purpose and birthright is. Birthright is the right that someone on the basis of its birth belongs to. The legitimacy is the right of existence. If there are absolutely no sense and purpose of our existence we would not been born as human. The fact that we exist doesn’t means that we are also effective aware of our existence. We know that we are but not why ? Sometimes we live in unclearness or think that we are living in a dream or an illusion, whereas it is real. We wonder ourselves why we become born to die afterwards. In the short life which us is granted we have been given the possibility to examining life and to find out what the use is of our physical existence. Our birthright has a much deeper meaning than we self think. The birthright is that what we by realisation can obtain what us is voluntarily offered to become an individual being with legitimacy. To become aware of our legitimacy we serve to recognise and confirm our existence. We must give ourselves our life sense to make our existence bearable and acceptable so that we can accept that our birthright is what belong to us, which granted our the right to realise our legitimacy consciously, to activate and confirm before we can claim our mental right and these by spiritual way can obtain that what our mental portion of the inheritance are to return as a pure being from where we ever came and consider as our eternal home. Once we become aware of the legitimacy you can learn how you activate your consciously physical being as a real acceptable physical being and learn to confirm so that you can give yourself a place in this life. You believe that you really exist, live, feel, loved, communicate, know and really are present and you realise, I AM.

If everyone becomes aware of his/her legitimacy we never may stand in the way the person in question to master and manipulate his/her legitimacy. It is his/her right. Also as jealousy, doubts, uncertainties and fear of loosing the person are in the game then still we can/may not interfere. Every person in life may and must do what he/she wants to do although they hurt or disappoints the other person(s). It is the freedom in thinking, doing and acting of the free will. If we do so, however, then we violate the legitimacy of the other one and not only the grow and development of the other one but also we obstructs our self. From selfishness we frequently act with fear from what we are frightened to loose instead of daring let loose. Do not dependent on what you cannot keep or have/own. Do not hold to what not want to be with you. It are his/her lessons for life that he/she must experience to find his/her own identity in life to eventually become independent and at last to grow to responsibility.