Fear is a relative term. Fear is a lack of knowledge and information and a lack of faith in love. Darkness or obscurity has a certain impact on people who can arouse fear. Darkness is only a illusion and a lack to light. Brings light and darkness together, because there in lays true beauty. Embrace both sides of yourself, because there you will find the truth. Only by embracing the dark you can see the true beauty of light. It is only a question of defining, because within a field of polarity light cannot be observed without the contrast of darkness. Therefore if one will realise the beauty of darkness and accepts, one learns see higher forms of light. Fear is simply a choice with which we are faced. Do I want fear and do I let myself lead by it or how do I overcome It ? By panic, misfiring, unclearity and no rest in our self, the fear will predominate at negative. Fear must be overcome/won then the way will be free to continue. Fear is a word which originated from an indescribable feeling of panic. There are several fears. When your fear is in harmony you have a normal fear, the fear which has in principle everyone is a healthy fear and is as a result of attention on your self and that is your protection. The normal fear is the protection of people, who holds him back to do what is dangerous or what in some situations life-threatening are. An example of a not understandable fear at people is a feeling that their throat is squeezed or pressure on their brest or a panic situation. These people are not crazy, these people are paranormally gifted and very fine sensitive, they have a system that can feel everything, the sensitive feeling of clearness. Their system can feel the negative and if one knows by knowledge what is negative, you can send it away and you are no longer frightened. You can keep those fears then under control because you know that it is not yours but that it come from outside. That fear comes from outside. All people who have the gift of the sensitive feeling of clearness are in principle normal, only because they do not have this knowledge in their conscience they are obstructed in its own experience. One can the luck what one is searching for not find because in fact one lives in one fear attack to the other fear attack. When one has a fear attack one hopes there will be rapidly an end and if one feels oneself well one is frightened that there comes a fear attack again. In principle thereís nothing wrong, it is the fine sensitivity and knowing that the spirit functions as a radar that catches signals where other people have no notion/idea of. When one knows what you all can do with it and can positive influence, you will become aware that this gift a positive quality is to widen your conscience. Other fears can be an indescribable dominating feeling of fear from inside what converts itself into panic, these can be attacks from negative environments/spheres which obstruct you in your actions or the fears which comes from your own fictitious created situation which imposes you as an obstruction. Notion that that are fears which you impose yourself and are your own response. If you master or control your fear you can send away the negative picture and it is further no more of influence. I always say "what there is, you donít have to see" and "what you see, does not need to be there". Itís all in your spirit. If you program your aware spirit to the by your introduced commandos then the subconscious ness will adopt them as your truth and reality. Although it is not easy to over win your fears, we must nevertheless fight strongly and persistent in life. Combativeness stipulates also the desire to live. For this is powerful thinking in the mind/spirit necessary. The strength of the thoughts.