The very first instrument with which we can relax our body relax and can break through blockades in the energy flow is the Breath. The only thing what we must do are deeply exhale and after that let in a new breath stream on a natural way flow in. Each time we exhale, we unload piled up stress, physical tension and fear. By exhaustively exhale we become empty and can with the next inhalation receive the life energy much better. Thus the life energy can flow more fluent through our scheme. We can be refreshed by the breath and revive, he is the pure nature of life. If you exhale now, you can feel how the tension flows out, from your shoulders, your upper part of the body and your basin until your feet. With ach breathing the more you become relaxed and the more you return to harmony as you let the tension flows out your body. Receive every breathing with attention and gratitude. Our breath forms the basis of energy. Life energy which surrounds us and of which the cosmos is impregnated, is available to us in the form of breath. There is never a shortage of life energy, yes it is even an infinite available source of energy. We have always the availability concerning the power of our life to transform our world. The key to this transformation lies in the exhaling and after that completely allowing the life energy to our being. In the breath which " I AM" , I am always new. The breath is our tool pre-eminently. The breath is the simplest and perfect instrument thatís always directly available. Every moment when< we are awake, we can use the breatht to reinforce our life energy and bring more in balance, and so to enter the area from where the harmony flows in cicatrisation (healing).

- The infinity breathing technique 1.

The infinity breathing starts with the inbreathing/ inhalation in your Heart centre and goes back up at the front of the spine and leaves the body via the back in the brain and benches off over your head and enters again in the heart centre. Let this energy permits to find his own way. Or he now moves up or down at the brest, the high heart, or the solar plexus, doesnít matter; where he enters or leaves outside is suitable for you. You breath knows which way he must move, you must only focus on the In and main point whereas you in- and exhale. After the breath has entered the heart centre, the exhalation moves frontward the spine down, and goes outside via the Root chakra, the perineum (the small area between the anus and the line organs). The breath continues its way for the body and enters again your Heart centre.
- The infinity breathing technique 2.
The infinity breathing starts with the inbreathing/ inhalation in your Heart centre and ends up/arrives at the backside of the Heart. The breath will still flows over the head and enter the body on the same spot at the front of the body and at the exhalation further go down to the Root chakra and enter at the front of the body at the inhalation. After you have perfected these technique, try to apply this technique then several times a day, even though if you do it five or six breathings.