The ego of man has come from somewhere and has a much deeper meaning than we in fact realises. Let us see how we can look at it. What is described below is a version of my inner feeling from my searched truth in my inner state and does not need become adoptive as a truth if one does not agree. However, I suggest examining if there profoundly is a core of truth. The EGO is frequently seen as a negative thing because in principle it always predominated and put/set itself at the first place, just think of being egoistic and selfishness. This comes because we do not understand ourselves. This applies to the imperfect earthly EGO of man. If we explain the EGO of a higher level and of the origin, there is no positive and also no negative meaning to joint. THE EGO is such as it is. THE EGO means I, and it manifests himself as I AM. It is in principle the same as a name which people have got granted to give the own value and recognition. For the earthly we need a name but on the spiritual area you are recognizable as I AM. Who and what is the original I, the All I, the one and only I where from flows the all common I, the ego of man.

The EGO is GOD.
GOD is the EGO.
GOD is the one.
Unity is GOD
GOD is the I AM.
I AM I, and reversed I AM I.
GOD is from GOD.
From GOD is GOD.
GOD is I and I AM (as) GOD.
From GOD am I, I.
I am the Divine from GOD en GOD is from his Divineness.
HE was only, HE was I, HE split up himself and now we are, I.
To understand this all we must experience what we "I" are as "I" is/was. By learning to coordinate our true "I" on our imperfect (still to form) "I" (ego) is it possible we can learn what and how GOD is and how we really could be and belong to be. To be as GOD ! That is pure perfect "I". GOD is universal energy which penetrates and binds everything to each other by/with life energy. It is this universal energy which is the source of the complete creation and each connection has been reinforced with that larger of your conscience. This explains also that GOD the universal energy is invariable and always has been such as HE was and still is, and that it is we humans that variable are because we do not understand and want to be as GOD whereas the possibility is offered to become this way as real BEING, if we only search. It is because people themselves want to be GOD and do not wish to change to the will of the comprehensive law of love. Our spirit is only the conscience and the soul (energy) is the divine spark from GOD. The soul a copy of your physical appearing form, the astral appearing form has been built from energy (light). Only it can manifest himself as a projection of your physical appearing form. It is the spirit who aims and sends/steers. It is the spirit who moves the body on the physical area, so it is the same to the spiritual area that the spirit also can bring the soul as an appearing form in movement. For this reason the three-unity, soul, spirit and body. Do we speak concerning two-unity, soul and spirit, can move these two, however, but in my opinion (for the imperfect earthly human) it can not bring matters in movement. Do we speak concerning the two-unity, body and soul, then the body lives because it has been provided with energy yet it is not possible without the spirit to bring the body in movement because there is no conscience form present. Do we speak concerning two-unity body and spirit, what in principle impossible is, what in fact means that the soul (energy) is lacking, then the body without a soul have no function because the organs cannot function and there can no conscience form be present or form.
The origin
The origin of everything what is, are a principle of vibration/ultrasound, vibration/ultrasound are energy. Everything can be considered as a vibration. From another perspective seen exist everything from atoms. It is however the movement, or the vibration, of these atoms, which do the things arise. The atoms from which the world is built has been existed only because they are in movement and vibrate. When one understands the rudiment of vibration, you can understand the natural advancement of all things more easily. As from the first beginning all progress was an attempt to raise the complete, collective vibration. The origin started when the inventor/creator, the Infinite chose to have a finite physical experience, which was the event which we people call the Big Bang from the evolution theory. In that moment, the vibration of the infinite simplicity split up itself in harmonious vibrations and adopted form in what we call an extremely low vibrating form. This was the original "word", for the "OM" vibration, which created the beginning of all life. This vibration formed the earth, the planets and the stars to what we know as the universe. Originated from these formatives of three-dimensional material, has come many life forms including the human form. The physical human form is in fact your spirit who brings himself to expression within a field of polarity.
Who am I ?
Your "I" is not your mind or body, The "I am" are our deepest core from inside us that quiet guard/wait and take care/sees, and is not been bound to time and space because this is the eternal infinite spiritual being that all space fills. The divine energy in human conformation that is the basis of who we are. You are GOD, you are energy, this means, you are a part of the whole of GOD. GOD is universal energy and has in fact no name, HE is one and the only entity/unity, the one unity conscience, the large comprehensive Al-soul that all life with universal energy penetrates. The purpose of universal energy is mixing, melting together, unity and bring everything together and with life energy to penetrate and link/binding. The one unity conscience, realisation of unity. So we can define and learn understand and contain how and what god is who lives inside you. It is the human himself who invent a name as a recognising and there to grants and by the lack of belief, conviction and self-confidence in itself does not see that humans themselves possess divine capacities/abilities. If we are GOD then have we the same creating abilities as him and with these creating abilities in physical form we build heaven on earth according to the free choice. The magic takes place when you combine divine intention with the divine purpose/aim. That places you in divine helpfulness and that is what your soul came to do here, to become an inventor/creator. Then we help directly (the universal energy) to see who GOD really himself is. Universal energy cannot see itself and say "I am". By our divine helpfulness we humans become aware inventors/creators and we form the formlessness in our thoughts/ideas to true creations and realities so that we can define what indefinable are. For this reason it is impossible to define GOD the universal energy if we cannot define ourselves. Couple a higher intention with a higher aim and you cooperates then direct in building heaven on earth, the divine helpfulness. Stands deep in your own strength and feel the spiritual self-confidence that slumber deep in your soul. Feel how your heart becomes larger if you hold the energy of who you really are. Stand entirely in the truth and beauty of your light and take the strength of it entirely in property. Therefore who are you ? You are who you are and who you want/wish to be. You are "I AM". At least you can be (like) "I AM" (GOD the Universal Energy).